Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Nosiness and Feathers

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Today Charlotte and I went to our old elementary school playground to take some pictures. I planned to be super cute and ride a bike there, but out of the four bikes my family owns, all of them were broken. And so, I had to resign myself to being slightly less cute and drove my car there.
Oh, and while we were there, someone got arrested down the street. Also, I'm super nosy and wanted to know what was happening:

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I've decided that if my career as a fashion blogger fails, I can become a CIA agent. Except, I think I'd be really bad at going undercover. I wouldn't be able to wear ugly clothes if they required me to.

And, Char and I are super adorable and made this video:

Summer Day from Charlotte on Vimeo.

All video editing and stuff is by Charlotte.

Currently listening to: "Coattails of a Dead Man" by Primus

Also, apparently I listen to super depressing music.

Love always,

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